Bring elegance to your home and office with Twilight Shutters


Since 1989, our companies have been dedicated to provide excellence in the window coverings industry. Our purpose is to provide elite customer satisfaction and are committed to produce the finest quality shutter in the industry. Twilight Shutters is one of the largest custom-made California and Plantation shutter manufacturer in the world. Using the latest state-of-the-art equipment, our exceptional manufacturing and innovative shutter designs provide the most elegant shutter on the market.

Located in the heart of Vaughan and off Highway 407, Twilight Shutters is attainable for quick pick-ups. We know how valuable your time is. In just a few minutes our well-trained staff will help you load up and get you on your way for your installation in a stress free environment. Our manufacturing plant is delivery friendly as well. We wrap and package all of our products with tender, love, and care, making it very easy to ship anywhere around the world.