Using state-of-the-art technology, our exceptional manufacturing equipment and innovative shutter designs provide a 10 business day turn-around time, making Twilight Shutters one of the fastest shutter producer in the industry.


Our shutters come in two stylish colours: Ivory (off-white) and Snow White (bright white)


Our distinctive louver size options can reveal a California or Plantation look. California shutters are known for its smaller louver size of 2 1/2”, and a more traditional look. When shutters are fully opened with 2 1/2” louvers, more privacy is attained. Plantation shutters are primarily made with 3 1/2” louvers and provide a contemporary, modern appeal. When shutters are fully opened with 3 1/2” louvers they provide more than 50% greater visibility than 2 1/2” louvers.

Tilt -Bar Operation Designs:

Our innovative shutter operation options can provide you with a traditional or modern look. Tilt- bar operations in the front (middle or side) present a traditional appeal while a more modern look is to have a hidden rear tilt bar. Although both options allow the lovers to be tightly closed in both directions, the hidden rear tilt bar provides an unobstructed view and does not require any holes or staples in the louvers. Further, our system does not require any gears which simply tend to corrode and break over time.

Bay and Bow Window Shutter Applications:

Although bay or bow windows are complex in nature, no task is too complex for Twilight Shutters. Effortlessly, our shutters can fit any situation that requires sharp angles as seen in bow or bay windows. Our state-of-the-art equipment can mitre any frame option required to fit a bay or bow window, while our T-posts will provide easy panel placement, making installation a breeze.

Door and Closet Shutter Features:

Twilight Shutters also make shutters to fit any door size. With custom cut-outs and unique shutter features, door handles will never be an obstruction again. Door handles will never require changing and a shutter can be custom-made to fit any door size and décor. This includes closet and patio doors as well. Although closet and patio doors are more sophisticated, track systems can be used to offset their complexity. With track systems mounted on the floor and ceiling, shutters can easily slide left and right (without folding) to maximize space or separate rooms.