Our customers can be rest assured that no over-sea materials are used in our shutter production.


Twilight shutters are custom-made to fit any commercial and residential window application. In the industry, there is a significant difference between “custom” shutters and “custom-made” shutters. The former refers to pre-assembled shutters that are cut down to size, increasing the chance for error. The opposite holds true for “custom-made” shutters where each shutter is made specific, within 1/32”, for each window. Custom-made shutters are optimally measured leaving you with an elegant finished product.

All of our components and extrusions are locally manufactured and meet all necessary specifications to provide an ultimate shutter system.

Using state-of-the-art technology, our exceptional manufacturing equipment and innovative shutter designs provide a 10 business day turn-around time, making Twilight Shutters one of the fastest shutter producer in the industry.