Custom Design

Made to fit any commercial and residential window application.

With countless design options, our shutters can suit any window.

Energy Efficient

Our energy-conserving designed shutters insulate your home and provide a cost-effective approach to reduce your energy bills.

Cord-Less Safety Design

Our shutters provide a safe environment for children and pets since there are no hazardous cords dangling around.

Commerical & Residential Safe

Our shutters have a unique fire retardant coating that provides protection from fire.

Shutter Options

Our shutters are offered in two distinct colours, two louver size options, three tilt bar operation systems (along with a unique hidden rear tilt bar), and a myriad of designs to fit any window, door, or closet.

Water Resistant

Our shutters our made with anti-microbial and anti-fungal material that will never mold or damage from water making them perfect for bathrooms and areas with high-moisture.

Scatch & Dent Resistant

Our shutters are made with scratch-free, dent-resistant material providing customer peace-of-mind.

Light & Sound Barrier

Overall, shutters provide the best light barrier solution than any other window coverings. Our shutters are made with sound absorbing material to optimally reduce light and sound and provide complete privacy.

Low Maintenance

Unlike other window coverings that build up dust and dirt, our shutters are made with an easy-to-clean surface.

UV Protector

Since our shutters are made with the highest level of UV resistant material, we guarantee that they will never fade or yellow.

Lifelong Design

Unlike other window coverings that break and bend, our shutters are made with high quality, durable material resistant to cracking, peeling, and warping. Our shutters provide a long-lasting appeal without ever needing to be refinished.

Environmentally Friendly

Our shutters are made with the finest faux-wood material that reduces the destruction of our forests and preserves our natural resources.

Increase Home Value


Interior shutters have been known to increase the overall value of your home. Our shutters will not only provide a sensational curb-appeal but will likely increase an appraised value on your home.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Our shutters have a 25 year limited warranty providing customer assurance that our product is superior to other competitors.